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What’s in a name?

Produce-IT! was selected for its double meaning:

• Produce-IT! is believed to be one of the most advanced management applications of information technology in the precast industry.

• Want a quality solution? Then, produce it using an NPCA certified plant!
Produce-IT! is a data base system developed specifically for the precast industry by Barger and Sons that allows manufacturing planners to easily schedule product pours and automatically generate a complete list of production material requirements. The system provides the user a 5-day window into production schedules. The start date for the window can easily be changed by simply clicking a new date on the displayed calendar. Concrete requirements are displayed for each scheduled product, as well as the daily total, enabling the planner to optimize the schedule based on the amount of concrete used. The schedule for a specific concrete form may easily be shifted forward or backward in time to accommodate unforeseen demand or outages. Schedules may be viewed for specific zones in the plant or across the entire plant. Complete product bills-of-material are maintained within the system, enabling material requirements to be automatically generated and summed across any desired time period to facilitate ordering of production materials. A weekly pour schedule report may be printed and posted to use as a basis for employee daily work assignments. The system is in production use at Barger and Sons and has dramatically shortened the amount of time required to develop pour schedules. In addition to saving several hours of effort per week, new capabilities provided by the system, such as material requirements planning, serve to significantly enhance production management at the plant.

Produce-IT! easily schedules the forms and products to be manufactured on any given day, week, month, etc. and creates printed individualized reports that are specific to management, line leaders, and production floor technicians.
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