Grease Interceptor Holding Capacity
Oil-Water-Grease Separators

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We often get asked how much grease our grease traps and interceptors hold. We will look at our 1,500 gallon HS20 traffic rated grease trap and answer that question for this tank. The amount of grease held by a precast concrete tank is surprising!

Compartment A (first compartment) holds 5,461 pounds of grease

Compartment B (second compartment) holds 2,659 pounds of grease

Total capacity is 8,120 pounds of grease

• In an ideal world, grease should only fill compartment A.
• Compartment B acts as an emergency overflow or secondary protection for the utility.
• The key to grease retention is extending the baffle ninety and outlet tee twelve inches off the inside floor.

Maximum grease holding capacity in pounds of grease.

150 gpm flowrate

Barger Non-Traffic Grease Traps
1,000 Gallon - 5,187 lb
1,500 Gallon - 7,386 lb
2,100 Gallon - 11,452 lb
3,000 Gallon - 21,831 lb
4,000 Gallon - 24,482 lb
5,000 Gallon - 32,233 lb

Barger Traffic Rated Grease Traps
1,000 Gallon - 4,669 lb
1,500 Gallon - 8,120 lb
2,000 Gallon - 11,570 lb
2,500 Gallon - 13,296 lb
3,000 Gallon - 21,831 lb

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