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Septic Tank Accessories

Think ahead now and be prepared to deal with possible problems the "clean" way. Believe it or not, there are accessories that you can purchase to prevent future problems or make them easier to deal with. When a septic tank and field are installed in new home builds, the homeowner rarely knows what brand tank is being used. How can you be expected to know what accessories are available to make your life easier and more trouble free? Read below and decide which items may be of use to you.

Septic tank filters: Over time, small solids will enter your field line. These solids will stick together and clog the holes in the drain line pipe and prevent the sewer from entering the ground. When this happens, you will have to replace your field line with a new one costing you time, money and aggravation. A septic tank filter prevents these solids from entering your field line and protects against this type of common system failure.

Certain brands of septic tank filters work and some don't despite their advertised claims. Barger And Sons has been in the septic business since the early 1950's and we know septic tank filters. We carry the best filter made for septic tanks based upon proven field experience and solid engineering backgrounds. The filter needs to be pulled out and sprayed with clean water once every 18 - 24 months (we provide a cleaning service for a small fee for our customers). The use of a filter will require a 24" diameter riser and lid to be used (see below). We suggest for people building homes that they intend on living in for more than ten years, this is a must install to prevent future problems.

Pumper truck access port: It is a fact of life that you need to have your septic tank pumped from time to time to remove the solids that collect inside the tank. A pumper truck access port will make pumping your septic tank a total breeze and painless experience. A special lid that has a 6" diameter coupler replaces your existing tank lid. A short piece of 6" PVC schedule 40 pipe (ASTM 1785) is extended to just below ground level with a screw off cap (called a plug and adapter).

A pumper hose can be down the access port in as little as one minute this item will save you money by preventing you from paying to have your lid exposed for the pumper truck. You need one on each end of the tank to ensure that pumper truck can pump both sides of the septic tank.

However, be warned that this option does not allow for 100% solids removal from the inlet side of the septic tank. This option will allow the pumper truck to remove the water from the tank easily but not all the solids. If you are not going to use a septic tank filter, we recommend this on the outlet end of the tank with a 24" riser over the inlet end of the tank.

Inlet and outlet PVC tee's: Schedule 40 PVC tee's that conform to ASTM 1785 standards will out perform your tank and system. Request this cheap upgrade so that you never have concrete tee's rotting and falling off allowing solids into your field line.

24" diameter risers: For those individuals that demand what the professionals use, this option provides the ultimate in accessibility. When you have septic tank problems, your local qualified technician will charge you less since he can gain total access to the tank within minutes of reaching the job site with only a screwdriver.

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