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Company Projects
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University of Tennessee Engineering Quad
When the University of Tennessee Knoxville set out to create the kind of collaborative, community space students and faculty love, part of the project included a Stone Strong retaining wall that’s as strong as it is aesthetic. In 2015, the school embarked upon a unique landscape project aimed at improving the overall appearance of the eastern edge of campus while also giving its College of Engineering a collaborative space. [More]
PureMagic Carwash
Pure Magic Carwash Farragut, TN
Dealing with a jobsite with setback and grading challenges, PureMagic Carwash selected Stone Strong retaining wall block from C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc., to maximize the useable site space and create an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall to meet the Town of Farragut’s strict building codes. [More]
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Vantage View Box Culvert Wing Wall
When the City of Morristown, Tenn., needed a fast answer to an escalating flood control issue, there were a number of different materials it could have used to solve the problem. But the city didn’t want to just pull together any old solution—it wanted a robust, long-lasting answer that not only served its functional purpose, but that would also be aesthetically pleasing.

“The city was experiencing flooding of an existing roadway in Morristown, where a creek was continually overflowing and causing traffic issues and other concerns,” said Dewayne Hicks, project manager with HS Construction and Excavating, LLC, in Knoxville. “The solution was to raise the flood plain in order to meet Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards.” [More]
Residential Stone Strong Retaining Wall
Residential Retaining Wall in Maryville, TN
When a new homeowner was faced with a significant backyard slope, he approached Barger and Sons about a Stone Strong retaining wall. Adding the Stone Strong retaining wall increased his backyard size and allowed the homeowner to enjoy more usable outdoor space. The homeowner finished the top of the Stone Strong wall by adding a white vinyl fence using the fence sleeves installed during wall installation. At its nine foot height, this wall was an ideal use for the Stone Strong block as it installed quickly and eliminated geogrid to minimize excavation and backfill material, saving the homeowner on finished wall cost.
[Watch Video]
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Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, Sacred Heart Cathedral
When the Diocese of Knoxville broke ground on its new cathedral in April, C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc., of Lenoir City, Tenn., was called on to manufacture a Stone Strong retaining wall that would replace an aging structure that was already in place. Part of a larger, $25 million construction project, the 195-foot-long precast concrete retaining wall is constructed from large, engineered wall block that increased gravity wall height, required no tiebacks or geogrid, installed easily and quickly, and now serves as an attractive backdrop both for the new cathedral and a neighboring bank building.
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Precast Stands Tall and Strong on Legendary Smoky Mountains Foothills Parkway
Situated in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Walland, Tenn., is a 72-mile scenic road that’s home to a construction project that will soon link together two beautiful, picturesque road segments into a single stretch known as “Foothills Parkway.” About 1.65 miles in length, the road project that’s underway will fill in a gap in the parkway that’s been extremely difficult for previous construction crews and engineers to navigate and work on. The area’s ravines, rocky ridges, tight tolerances, and steep terrain have all made the project nearly impossible…up until now.
Foothills Parkway
Farm Bureau Stone Strong Retaining Wall
When Roane County Farm Bureau Insurance built its new location on a strategic corner lot in Kingston, Tenn., the long-standing company knew that it would need a strong retaining wall that could withstand the elements and the test of time. The wall, which would serve as a barrier between the new building and an adjacent church, would also have to build in a manner that would make the insurance company’s new neighbor feel confident and satisfied with the result. [More]
Midway Middle School Retaining Wall
Midway Middle School 2014
When the existing, 8-year-old retaining wall located behind Midway Middle School started crumbling and spilling out onto the adjacent roadway last year, Roane County Schools’ administrators knew that they had to act fast in shoring up the failing structure. After reviewing its options, the Roane County, Tenn., school district decided that a new precast concrete structure made from Stone Strong Systems’ blocks and components would be a perfect fit for the project - engineered, strong and reliable. [More]
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Precast Saves the Day in Roane County 2014
When a critical bridge takes a hit from a tractor trailer, Roane County Highway Department turns to precast concrete for a long-term solution to its immediate problem. When a tractor trailer hit and damaged a bridge in rural Roane County, Tenn., the municipality could have come up with a quick fix to handle the emergency situation and to get traffic moving across the bridge again. Within a few years (or less), however, the county would have likely been back in the same position – trying to find a better way to keep the problem from recurring and shutting down a major thoroughfare.
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Center Hill Dam 2013
Led by the Army Corps of Engineers, the rehabilitation project encompassed four large construction contracts, the first addresses the most critical parts of the dam that have been affected by seepage, the earthen embankment of the main dam, and the left rim. BAUER Foundation Corporation kicked off the $106 million job (of $295 million for the company project) by constructing a subsurface concrete wall designed to keep “Center Hill Dam safe for generations to come,” according to the Corps. [More]
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