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What It Takes
Barger Video Series
What It Takes - Box Culvert

A short video showing how Barger And Sons manufactures our precast concrete box culvert. Barger And Sons disciplined operations yield the same high quality results time after time after time. All Barger Box Culvert is manufactured to meet ASTM C 1433 and 1577 applications. Cooper E80 design specification for rail road applications are also manufactured. Barger box culvert is offered in a number of different styles because one size does not fit all job site requirements. Monolithic, three sided, and crown and base can all be manufactured by Barger And Sons.
What It Takes - Manhole

Watch an informative video showing What It Takes to manufacture a precast concrete manhole. Barger And Sons walks you through step by step highlighting important production steps. Schedule a plant tour today to learn more about us and how our transparency helps your project become a success.
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