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Learning Center
Remove the mystery and protect yourself against future failures.
Articles and Papers
Case studies and papers at your finger tips to help you make a more informed decision about the product you want to purchase or specify. Do you need to know why watertight tanks are so important? Should you specify and require traffic rated tanks in a traffic situation instead of allowing an isolation slab to be constructed over the tank grease interceptor or septic tank? You are just a click away from cutting edge information that is internationally published and recognized.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our video collection should be worth a bazillion words. See vacuum test comparing precast concrete septic tanks versus plastic septic tanks. Want to know more about our company and leading edge technology that we pioneered well ahead of the industry? Look no further, we have an entire collection of video for your review.

Engineer and Architects
What’s in a Name? Everything – when it’s your name accompanied by your professional seal attesting to the quality of your design. You are assuring your client that your design is compliant with all applicable codes, standards, and regulations, and further that it incorporates accepted engineering practices. In essence, you are saying “I guarantee it!

At Barger And Sons, we understand the impact of our precast concrete products on your professional reputation. That’s why we take special measures to assist and protect you, to protect the environment, and to assure your client’s total satisfaction. Let’s take a look at just a few of those measures.

Advice from One Homeowner to Another

It’s all about protecting the ones you love most… Can you imagine what might happen if your child, grandchild, or pet plays in a yard that is contaminated by seepage from a faulty septic system? The results can be disastrous! Untreated human waste is a primary source of E-Coli - bacteria so deadly that it can cause serious illness or even take the lives of those you love.

Commercial Developer
Ever tried to develop a property where there is no municipal sewer system? If so, you will probably agree that the single greatest challenge faced by developers of suburban and rural properties is providing reliable sewer service. For many residential developments, the developer has significantly enlarged lot sizes to assure there is enough space for each lot to have its own residential septic system.

Sound Advice for the Septic Tank Installer
As an installer, you can’t afford tanks that
- aren’t delivered when promised
- don’t line up with your inlet pipe
- take longer to install
- fail during installation or during the first few months of use

Each of these
costs you money and needless frustration!!!

Concrete Septic Tank versus Plastic Septic Tank
Concrete is more economical, more environmentally friendly, and has a much longer service life. The important fact is that concrete septic tanks are MUCH stronger than their plastic counterparts. Watch this video showing concrete septic tanks and plastic septic tanks being tested to ASTM C1227 standards. Watch our vacuum testing video replicating real life stresses your septic tank and grease interceptor will see on a daily basis being buried underground.

Watch now...
Precast Concrete Manufacturing Tour
At Barger & Sons, Inc., we use the best possible concrete construction practices and the highest quality products available when manufacturing every product.  Follow along as an HS-20 traffic rated precast concrete grease interceptor goes from drawing board to delivery.

Take the tour...
Septic System Accessories
Risers access ports, filters, and clean outs. Think ahead now and be prepared to deal with possible problems the
"clean" way. Believe it or not, there are accessories that you can purchase to prevent future problems or make them easier to deal with. When a septic tank and field are installed in new home builds, the homeowner rarely knows what brand tank is being used. How can you be expected to know what accessories are available to make your life easier and more trouble free? Read below and decide which items may be of use to you.

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C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc. makes every attempt to ensure any advice or information contained in this website is accurate and correct, no liability of any kind including liability for negligence is accepted in this respect by C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc., its servants or agents.